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    Metal stamping & Tooling


    Whether it be stage tools, compound die or fully progressive dies, high-carbon steels, brass and aluminum alloys, we offers an matched of metal stamping options for your application. Our machines are capable of handling materials from 0.01" (0.2mm) up to 0.3" (8mm). Some of the alloys that we frequently stamp include:

    Stainless steels (S301, S302, S304, S316), Mild steels, High-carbon steels, Brass, Beryllium copper, Spring steel, Aluminum

    When applicable, our phased progressive die approach allows for the carryover of tooling sections from prototype tools, through stage tools , into high-volume progressive tools. This approach benefits our customers by reducing both total tooling costs and leadtimes. We offer a variety of value added services to reduce our customer’s total costs, including:

    Welding (resistance and laser)
    Staking (heat treatment and mechanical)
    Laser marking
    Powder coating
    Anodize & Plating


    The main applications of our products and services cover: Mechanic industry, Microwave communication equipments, Automotive industry, Valves Medical Devices,Home Appliances etc



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